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Embella Golden Ripples Ring Gold

Designer: luxe tropic

$150.00 AUD

The hand-hammered finish of our Golden Ripples creates a playful stage for light and shadow to tango. A striking ring with squeeze adjust.

 Embella's gold vermeil jewellery is crafted using 99.95% pure hilltribe silver and expertly plated with a layer of 3 microns thick of pure 18 carat gold.

Caring for your gold vermeil jewellery is simple. Use a soft, dry 100% cotton or microfibre cloth and buff gently. Be aware that exposing the jewellery to harsh chemicals and perfumes can damage the finish.

We recommend taking your gold vermeil pieces off when swimming in the ocean and pools as this can darken and gradually wear the gold vermeil down exposing the hilltribe silver.

Store your jewels in a jewellery box seperate from other metals when not wearing, to extend the lifetime of your pieces.


Measuring at 3cm high in Gold Vermeil

Available in S/M and M/L with adjustable band