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Steeped in wellness and sunshine, our knits are made with comfort in mind. We want the wearer to feel cocooned, wrapped, and embraced. To be one with the air, wind, sea, sun and sand.

Our range is purposed for ease-of-wear and a relaxed fit. The natural fibres selected have been crafted with the softest of washes, all in a conscious effort to have the wearer feel a connection to the garment - to move together through the universe, gently - to allow a sense of freedom to pursue a life lived in the moment.

Trans-seasonality is integral to Talamaya, whether you’re wearing our garments throughout the year, or crossing timelines and hemispheres. We believe that as the world gets smaller and smaller our wardrobe needs start to meld. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all criss-cross over the other. Layering becomes a lifestyle choice. I can be here... there... anywhere.