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Saint Helena

Born out of the desire to accommodate fashion in a permanent holiday setting of beach, poolside, late lunches and everything in between .. our brand is a luscious marriage between the sand, the sea and the art of enjoyment

Saint Helena’s design DNA is seasoned by its name (a vast landscape elevated between Australia’s Byron Bay and Bangalow Region). A place rich in the arts, history, beach lifestyle, world travellers and is a global holiday destination like no other.

Our company stands for the highest of ethics and evolution in fashion manufacturing. We walk hand in hand with our manufacturers and retail partners, where each person that works throughout our garment process, is respected and rewarded for their craft. Our apparel is made only of plant-based fabrics that have longevity and have a highly sustainable repertoire. Our swimwear is made of 80% recycled materials sourced from our oceans and landfill. Being an ethical and conscious brand is an active venture and we are constantly refining our processes and choices in every aspect to uphold a modern virtue towards a sustainable future.